The announcement from Chris Evans this week that he is to depart Radio 2 for a new creative challenge at Virgin radio isn’t a surprise to anyone who has followed Evans and his rollercoaster career. He is without doubt one of life’s ‘mountain climbers’, in constant need of a challenge, always looking to the next thing.


It’s got us thinking – aren’t we all mountain climbers in a sense? Everyone hates to be bored. We all need a challenge. We might not all be entertaining 9 million people every weekday but we are all on a similar journey, on a smaller scale.


There are many ways to climb a mountain. You can take the most direct route. You can make it a slow amble, taking in the view as you go. You can stumble and fall. You can even give up and go home and try again another day, on a different mountain.


The point is, we all want to keep moving upwards. But what do we do when we get there? What happens when you get that job, that promotion, when world domination is finally yours? What happens next?


We met with one of our biggest clients this week and watched them present on their brand strategy. Following 31 years of market-leading success they’ve arrived at the vision ‘to be #1, but act like #2’. Don’t lose the drive. Even when you get there, keep climbing. With over 11,000 employees world-wide and one of the strongest, people-focussed strategies of all Consumer employers, we think they have got it just right.


So. Inspired by Mr Evans and our friends, we continue to climb this week. Keep looking up!