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Seven is a unique business within a competitive crowd. If you’re looking for a top role or candidate in Consumer Goods and Retail, we’ve got the contacts, the knowledge, and most importantly, the time for you.

We work towards your goals to establish effective long-term partnerships that always benefit you.

So, are you ready for a career boost? Or perhaps you’re in need of a new face to reinvigorate your team? Whatever the challenge, we’d love to find the solution.
Placement feedback:
What have you been saying about us…

“I have a great working relationship with Will, which definitely helps us get great results together. He gave consistent updates throughout the process and was able to get back ASAP with all queries asked.” February 2018

“Will was extremely helpful and available at all times, he was encouraging, and had all the information I needed. He was on my side and negotiated a job offer that was right for me which was fantastic” Hannah Jones, MOD Pizza UK – February 2018

“Lucas was engaging and I felt like there was a true interest in getting me the right role, with timings built around me. He talked me through every step with great understanding of the company and what they look for.” Merete Rezouali, PepsiCo UK & Ireland – March 2018 



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