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Whether you’re in the market for a great new job or star candidate, we’d love to help.

Seven is a unique business within a competitive crowd. If you’re looking for a top role or candidate in Consumer Goods and Retail, we’ve got the contacts, the knowledge, and most importantly, the time for you.

We work towards your goals to establish effective long-term partnerships that always benefit you.

So, are you ready for a career boost? Or perhaps you’re in need of a new face to reinvigorate your team? Whatever the challenge, we’d love to find the solution.

Placement feedback:
What have you been saying about us…

“Kieran did the extra work for me and directed me into the right direction, knowing every aspect of the job” Toby Watson, Regional Account Manager, Helen of Troy – September 2017

“Lauren had clearly taken care to get under the skin of the role and the business before putting me forward, which gave me confidence that I was a suitable candidate. She was fantastic when I had questions but also so patient with me when I was unavailable. Lauren went to every possible length to make sure I was as prepared as possible and I would describe Seven as thorough and genuine” Jen Whitlock, NAM, Cold Press Foods – September 2017

“Kirsty has been absolutely brilliant – guided me through every step of the Aldi interview and application process. I’ve never felt more at ease or knowledgeable going into an interview. A very organised and well-structured service from Seven and a great adviser to liaise with” Eve Grant, Area Manager, Aldi – July 2017

“Kate was extremely open and transparent with me, she had my best interest at heart whilst also giving the rough truth. Seven is different, they take the time to get it right. At the end of the day all consultants want to close a deal, that’s fair and to be expected, but Seven at least ensures you are being offered positions that will suit you for the long term” Thomas Platford, Category Strategy Manager, Britvic – June 2017

“Head and shoulders above other recruitment companies that I have dealt with in the past- Informative, supportive and conscientious” Ronald Willson, Dyson – April 2017

“A great recruitment company which is informative, supportive and conscientious” Ronald Willson, Dyson – April 2017

“This is, without a doubt, the best recruitment company I have worked with. Having worked with some big names in recruitment I would recommend Seven above all” Lewis Pritcher, Mars Drinks, BDM – April 2017

“All roles pitched were at the right level (vs spraying the cv out) and I felt they genuinely cared about getting a result that was right for the candidate. They think long term in terms of building a relationship vs just landing a fee” Jeffrey Beedie, Head of Trade Marketing, Lavazza Coffee – May 2017



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