What do you think about the “no phones at the dinner table” rule?

Are we all used to getting told off for being on our phones at the dinner tables? Has this rule squandered because we are finding it too difficult to stay away from them? Especially when we are eating out; if you don’t upload it to Instagram, has it really happened??

I am a huge champion of the no phones rule at the dinner table, after I have cooked a meal for my loved ones I look forward to finding out what has happened in everyone’s day. This may even be the only time we are all in one room of the house, plus this has been drilled into me by my mother.

In light of this McDonald’s have installed 100 mobile phone lockers and “parking stations” in one of its restaurants in Singapore to combat our modern addiction. As part of their “Phone Off, Fun On” campaign which promotes families to stay off their phones and enjoy some good old fashioned family time together.

Let’s see if this takes off and whether we will be seeing one of these lockers in the UK anytime soon. Maybe we should introduce this to our Monday morning team meetings??