It’s International Stress Awareness Week and this year the focus is on the effect of tech on our lives; does hi-tech cause hi-stress?

Here at Seven we all live hi-tech lives. Our phones are constantly in use, our laptops or desktops are always on. Everyone working in retail and consumer knows that the emails don’t stop! Recruitment requires out-of-hours work, speaking to candidates and clients who aren’t able to speak during the working day. And what is the working day anymore? With technology and the flexibility agenda driving change in the way we all work now, we all have different working hours and the lines between working and not-working are more blurred than ever.

With this in mind, the Leeds office has shared their top tips for switching off and de-stressing after our busy days. We hope you find them helpful too.

  1. On the way to and from work, you could listen to a comedy, lifestyle or sport podcast to keep your mind occupied and your thoughts positive.
  2. You could switch your WhatsApp notifications off. Some find emails, phone calls and texts are enough to manage during working hours without adding WhatsApp conversations into the mix!
  3. When you need to organise your thoughts and to-do list, go analogue rather than tech! Write a traditional tick list. This helps focus your thoughts and reduces stress and overwhelm.
  4. Walking the dog – good old fashioned fresh air and quiet time is a great way to unwind and de-stress.
  5. The golf course or driving range – see above!
  6. Exercise – whether it’s a run outside somewhere green, a yoga class or a gym session with a power playlist, exercise is a great way to shake off stress.
  7. Cooking! Some of us cook each night with the radio on, some of us love to bake for others. There’s calm to be found by immersing yourself in chopping, mixing or stirring.
  8. Fishing, or skimming stones on the lake. The great outdoors definitely plays a strong part in staying calm for us.
  9. At bedtime, turn your phone to flight mode so you can still use it as an alarm clock, but won’t be disturbed by online activity if you wake up in the night.
  10. Switching the tech off, or putting it away at a set time each night helps us relax and unwind before bed. TVs can be set to turn off after a certain time, if you like to fall asleep with it on. Lots of us find reading before bed relaxes us, and never underestimate the power of a hot bath for easing a busy mind!

There is always the option of having a beer with some mates, or just chilling on your own if that’s what you need. Special shout out has to go to the member of our team who said tech doesn’t stress her out – until it stops working!

We are all different and it’s about finding what works for you as an individual. There is loads more help and advice here if you need it

(Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash)