RBBrand2Reckitt Benckiser is a global success story: a world leader in the global household, health and personal care sectors. We are listed on the UK stock exchange and rank 23rd in the FTSE 100.

Our success is led by our Powerbrands – big-name brands like Finish, Vanish, Dettol and Veet that aim to achieve global market leadership. Through them we’ve become No.1 in the vast majority of markets and categories in which we compete. We operate in no fewer than 60 countries , while our brands are sold across 180. Our people are the power behind these brands – around 23,000 talented, driven and entrepreneurial individuals, all working together.

Our vision

Reckitt Benckiser delivers better solutions in household, health and personal care to consumers, wherever they may be. We do it through constant innovation. We look at the little things that drive people mad in their everyday life. Then we deliver brilliant, fast-acting solutions that help make life better and easier – and create outstanding shareholder value in the process.

Our future

In the future we’ll continue our relentless focus on powerful brands in fast-growing categories. We’ll keep delighting consumers with solutions to everyday problems. Our people, highly motivated and well rewarded, will continue to enjoy real ownership of their achievements. Meanwhile we continue to look for talented, entrepreneurial and dynamic people worldwide to hit the ground running.

We are only looking for true talent; people hungry for the opportunity and freedom to make their mark. It’s going to be an exciting journey – and you could be part of it.