Who decided that wearing a suit without socks was cool? For the last few years the question in business fashion has been tie or no tie? However recently we are seeing a suit with a tie yet no socks at all; a style choice that many gents are going for.

Over the last few months our recruiters have been pitching to clients among competition with no socks on and it is save to say we are not a fan. You won’t be seeing a sock less ankle a Seven office.

GQ have written a whole article on how to wear socks with a suit however Designer Kos, who says nobody has ever come into his shop to try on a suit sock less.

“The shoes will hurt; they will stink; you’ll get blisters. And, if you are going to work, it’s weird to have your leg exposed,” he says. “Wearing dress shoes with no socks is bizarre.”

And we tend to agree with him.